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Why sell on the Internet? It's simple --Unlimited opportunities for limitless profits!

The Internet is the most effective and sophisticated tool for developing new markets in business.

Consider these thought provoking statistics:

ORDER NOW! Over 147 million people had Internet access worldwide at the close of 1998, up from 61 million in l996, according to a report from Computer Industry Almanac, Inc.

ORDER NOW! Spending on the Internet and e-commerce site development is anticipated to grow from $11.8 billion in l999 to $43.6 billion worldwide by the year 2002.

ORDER NOW! 73 percent of buyers expecting to increase "significantly" their on-line spending in l999- 11 percent of browsers said they would buy on line in the next year.

With e commerce all is takes is a few clicks and your products and services can be purchased instantly off the web by access to an international clientele. And most of those purchases are done with credit cards. (Over $1.5 Trillion- that's $1,500,000,000,000) was spent using credit cards last year). Credit cards make it very easy for consumers to make purchases--even more important when the Internet is involved. Over 95 percent of all sales over the Internet are done using credit cards.

Interpromo offers a complete solution for setting up digital commerce on the Internet. We offer real-time credit card processing, easy-to-use shopping carts, web marketing and of course, web design.

Think of the possibilities….

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